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     I just want to say again that I really appreciate the photographs you captured. They're having a gradual effect on me as I look at them from time to time. The man in the mirror has not reflecting something I liked for a long time, that is until recent history. You have a way of capturing my spirit which only recently came to life. I see authenticity in myself, which is way different but equally as important as feeling authentic. I see a lot in the photographs, one of which is I'm very proud of myself, and I can see it captured. I guess your photographs have become kind of moment in time reference for what was - to what now is. I can't thank you enough... They're really cool!  M.H.

     "Fantastic! It’s the only photo of me I’ve ever liked! Great work!"  M.M.

  "WOW!!!!! Love it! Oh my gosh it is wonderful! Really beautiful."  M.G.

"Your work is spontaneous and refreshing! You beautifully capture the surprise in life!"  A. D.


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