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Portrait Gallery

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J. Mane Show "The Art of Aging" July 2020 
"Honorable Mention"

"Guitar Man Billy Out of Work Teaches Himself Piano at Delores' House"

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J. Mane Show "The Art of Aging" July 2020

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Rhonda _Icon_
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More Portraits

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Nancy _Jewel Tones_
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8 Women, 40 Days, 63 Years: Beautiful Women of a Certain Age

"8 Women, 40 Days, 63 Years: Beautiful Women of a Certain Age" is a project inspired by a group of friends entering their "senior" years together whose average age is 63 (56-77). All these women are artists, writers, musicians, yoginis, teachers, meditators, healers and therapists or a combination thereof. They slowly, bravely and sometimes reluctantly allowed themselves to be photographed. This is the catalog of that unfolding and inspiring journey of eight extraordinary women. The project is an outgrowth of their "art circle" night, of which photographer, Laura Skutch, is a participant.

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